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Notes For RPs

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Notes For RPs

Post by Zero_The_0 on Sat Mar 04, 2017 5:50 pm

The GameMaster (me) will be a special event but other than that Admins will be stronger and can decline battles from other players, but due to how powerful I will make them they can't force you to fight them. Mods are x2 stronger than players and Admins are x4 stronger than mods with me at x10 stronger than admins (Note: I give much more bonuses and items than admins or mods and its a group kill like a boss raid.) I am not as OP as it looks for my abilities go like this
Time Distort- every 10 turns_-- Skips your next turn
Unkillable- only when boss raid is inactive_-- Lets me become weaker with ∞ lives
Menace- every 5 turns_-- Doubles my power
Zone Shift- every turn_-- changes elemental plain
Double Worth- when unkillable is deactivated_-- Make me worth double when unkillable is inactive
I Have No Items and my weapon does this
Gods Staff_-- Increases my abilities power and makes my power 50T

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